Chat or not to chat spa client conversations

The question really is:   Should the therapist and client engage in conversation during a treatment session?

Massage Therapists and Estheticians are taught in school to keep conversation to a minimum, which allows the focus to remain on the treatment at hand. In the Real World, people like to talk. What to do???

At The Spa at Boncaldo’s we want to ensure the BEST Client Experience, and in doing so, ensuring a positive experience for everyone.

We do this by involving the 3 “W’s”:

  • WHY? Is there information that the client or therapist needs to discuss, such as medical issues or comfort levels?
  • WHAT? Is the topic appropriate to The Spa at Boncaldo’s? Some topics such as politics or personal beliefs can put folks off; no matter how wonderful the treatment. If a topic is controversial or too personal, it can bring out an uncomfortable situation.
  • WHERE? Both Client and Therapist should remember where they are, and be cognizant of the Quiet Enjoyment of others around them. Confidentiality is a priority, and keeping voices low ensures privacy for that Client, as well as the Client in the next room.

HOW do we do this? More “W’s!”   When the Client arrives we Welcome them, Walk them through the room and dress, and discuss What to Expect. When people know what to expect, they can relax and enjoy their experience.