Why Visit a Spa?

In America, unlike other countries, the spa experience is seen as extraneous and unnecessary to a person’s health and well-being. Studies have shown that people who watch their diet, exercise (even in moderation) and treat their bodies to a healing environment live longer and with less stress related diseases.

What to Expect at a Spa

When you come in you are greeted, asked to complete a consultation form which includes medical history and treatment you are under as well as prescriptions you are taking. We do this to help us discern the most appropriate treatment.

Your therapist will then bring you in to the treatment room, reviews your form with you, discuss the treatment you have selected. The therapist will leave the room to give you privacy for you to disrobe and go under the sheet.  The room itself will have soft music playing and the lights will be dimmed.

The therapist will knock and return into the room to proceed with the session. They will check in and ask for feedback during the session to make sure you are comfortable. It’s okay to talk to your therapist during the session or not.

Your therapist will inform you when your session is complete, and will leave the room for you to get dressed. Once you are dressed, your therapist will re-enter the room to discuss with you

any follow-up treatment or home care.

What to Wear? (Massage / Facial / Waxing)

This is your time and your treatment. Dress comfortably in clothing that can be easily removed based on your treatment.

After your therapist brings you to the room and consults with you about your individualized treatment, you will be given time privately to disrobe to your comfort level.

Facial: You would remove your shirt, jewelry and personal items. Women will be given a wrap for covering.

Massage: Typically a client removes all clothing and is draped with a sheet. Only body parts being treated are exposed. “Guys… Commando is okay”

It’s okay to leave your undergarments on, or bring a pair of gym shorts.

Waxing:  Body parts being waxed are exposed for therapist.

*Our therapists are discrete and professional

How We Can Help You?

Both Boncaldo’s Gentlemen’s Barbershop and The Spa at Boncaldo’s are a treatment destination.  Whether you want to look your best or feel your best, both locations are here to assist you on your journey. Specifically, The Spa at Boncaldo’s is a “wellness center” for both Men and Women.  Artfully designed with the adult in mind, we created The Spa to meet the needs of all clients .  No matter who you are, if you have the desire to feel better, we are here for you.

Spa etiquette

Please be respectful of others privacy by speaking softly, mute cell phones, pagers and other electronic devices.  It’s common courtesy in the Spa industry to provide a gratuity for excellent service. Typically,  a gratuity is based on the same premise as you would tip in your favorite restaurant.

Our Staff

Our Licensed and Certified staff will customize a treatment that specifically meets your needs.  For example, although you may ask for a massage, our therapist will discuss any health concerns, activity level, desired outcome, hesitancy and questions.  Then, your therapist will explain how they will work with you in the session.  No surprises, no awkwardness, just the knowledge of what to expect so you can relax and unwind during the treatment.  Afterwards, your therapist will review the treatment and discuss any recommendations for exercise, stretching or home care as well as follow up if needed.

Massage Therapy

Whether your preference is Swedish for relaxation, Deep Tissue to cure those aches and pains, Hot Stone for added comfort and manipulation or a Focus Area where it REALLY hurts, our Licensed Therapists will help your mobility, improve your overall  health and work with you to use better body mechanics.  Look at our reviews and hear how our clients recommend our service treatments.

Steam Room

Our Steam Room is an elegant experience that kisses your skin with a misty steam your skin will absolutely love! Once you feel it, you will never want to leave. Give it a try today… it’s perfect for the working Mom or Dad on the go!


Whenever you come and experience The Spa at Boncaldo’s, you will be in good hands with our licensed and certified staff.  Our Spa Pedicure experience customizes and gives the expression “feet treat” new meaning.  As an athlete, your feet are key to your healthy workout.  As a Mom carrying groceries, laundry and kids can be a painful experience.  Dads need foot care too—to prevent infection and offer proper nail grooming.  The Spa facilities are always impeccably clean and disinfected, offering custom scrubs with essential oils to maximize your experience

Aesthetics (Facial and Body Care)

Brow, Face, Back and Leg Waxing

Skin care is important, both inside and out.  Your skin is the largest organ in your body and the one that is constantly exposed to the elements.  The sun, wind, toxins, detergents all add up to dry, damaged or otherwise impacted skin.  If you are in your teen years, hormones and other stresses will affect your complexion.  Our Aestheticians know, and can identify your skin type to best match and improve skin conditions.

Want a wax?  Think it’s a hold-over from a mid-evil torture ritual?  Actually, The Spa has a number of waxing “bases” that will minimize discomfort, while exfoliating skin.  It’s like two treatments in one.

A “Facial” is a deep cleansing of your skin using steam and hot towels to open up your pores.  Once we have your skin clean, we apply a vitamin treatment to promote healthier skin. That’s what makes you look healthy and youthful.


is a fully customizable, user-friendly massage system that gives users a powerful, heated, deep-tissue massage in as little as 10 minutes. You enjoy all the benefits of traditional massage while remaining clothed and comfortably dry throughout your massage. It’s perfect for the active adult.

The Athlete

Performance and recovery are all critical to your enjoyment and lifestyle.

The Weekend Warrior

Monday through Friday you are tied to your desk, but your weekends are action-packed.

The Busy mom

You have a juice box in your gym bag and a spare diaper in your glove compartment, just in case.

The Young at heart

You feel like you can’t get around like you used to or have less energy for your favorite hobbies.